The Calaveras Reviews

See what other people are saying about our Midvale apartments! At The Calaveras Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.


I only 5 starred so everyone can read this I lived at these God forsaken apartments for a 8 month lease and it was the worst experience I've ever had living somewhere, cockroaches everywhere and they only had one office staff member that could do their job right. And not to mention when I moved in the apartment was so gross I had to shampoo the carpets 3 times just to see the original color, all three times the water was literally black, I feared my children would get sick I wouldnt even let my kids crawl on the floor without an area rug down.

Rough start, but as we have settled in, things are going better. The staff has become very accommodating and quite helpful as we have become more familiar with everyone. Safe and quiet community. As with all things, adjustments take time.

I love this place. Great staff and very friendly.

I have never lived in a better apartment! The maintence is fast they always fix the problem and are so nice! And the manager is amazing!

This is in a scary part of Midvale. But the apartments are pretty nice.

The neighborhood is quite and clean, the customer service is very good

The property managers for "The Calaveras" apartments where great to work with. I needed a place quick and they honored the discount/deal that ended right as I applied. Edwin turned into "Super Edwin", multi-tasking like a pro and keeping calm all while answering other renters questions, answering the phones all while getting my apartment lined up. **Which is the main reason I now have apartment to stay in and not my truck** Thank you Edwin!!! The apartments are heading in the right direction and looking very nice. Especially from what I heard about the past owners and people that occupied the area. It may never be an "Mormon safety bubble zone" like Utah county, but what do you expect this is Salt Lake City! Also, to all the Reviews that complain about the area. What did you ever do to try and improve your environment?! Complaining does not change anything. Stand up and make a difference! Thanks again to Office employees of Calaveras

Since moving into The Calaveras the staff has been very helpful. They recently have been taken over by new owners and are always on top of things. Edwin in particular has gone above and beyond with getting us situated and taken care of. When we moved in there were a few things that needed to be fixed, Edwin took care of getting someone to us in a short amount of time and getting these things fixed. The renovations are amazing. The'yre redoing the parking lot which is so exciting to hear! My roomate and I are very impressed with how well maintaned and trouble-free our stay has been here.

This apartment complex is changing for the great! There is a lot of work to be done here but they are surely doing their best to get this complex more like home! We have had the maintenance come out and fix our AC late late at night and even go as far as change the lock on our door in 5 min. The maintenance guy put in a shelf in my closet because I wanted one. The Calaveras is a great place to rent! Come check out how friendly we are as neighbors. Thanks Calaveras! Thanks for being efficient and respectful. Shout out to the best on sight staff! We even have security!

I am looking to relocate from out of state and Lupe is extremely pleasant! Her tours are very informative and she was able to answer all of the questions I had prepared to ask, as well as those I hadn't thought of asking. The property is located near a quaint main street, which I look forward to exploring with my dog. I love the layout of their two bedrooms, and although they do not have balconies (I want to build a catio for my feline friend), the fact that they have washer dryer hookups inside them, and offer competitive construction rates - they've given quite an incentive to compromise! It looks like the new owners are really going to do a lot for this property. Can't wait to be part of their community!

We have already seen a great difference with the new ownership/management. The change is a breath of fresh air! Thanks!

These apartments are newly remodeled and beautiful. The management staff is great! They are very helpful and efficient. Great experience.

Great owners,, and staff making major improvements and updates.

This property is completely different than it was with the previous owners! I am excited for the changes they are making not only at the property, but for downtown Midvale

I've lived in a few different apartment complexes, and the staff at the Calaveras has been the most welcoming, and I am very impressed with the amount of work they're doing on the apartments there. It's amazing how new and modern they've made these apartments look, and I bet that it will really raise the value of living in this area. Highly recommend.

Awesome Management!